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Thai Song Lyrics Worksheets

Do you like listening to music like I do? Songs are one of the most enjoyable ways to learn a language. Here are some songs, mostly slow ballads, that you can sing along to. Download full lyrics or you can practice your listening skill with fill in the blank page that I've created. Enjoy!


Gapfill exercise

This is an excellent way to practice your listening and writing skills. Listen to the song as many times as you want. Use a pencil to fill so that you can erase them if you make a mistake. Gapfill exercises are available in 3 levels: easy, moderate and difficult. Start from easy then work your way up.

Answer sheet

When you download a gapfill exercise, you will also get an answer sheet. Use this to compare your answers. You may find that your words match exactly or completely different.

Translate lyrics

For advanced learners, challenge yourself by translating the song then compare it to the official video on youtube (Turn on translation by clicking on CC at the bottom of the video)

รักแรก (First Love)

Artist: นนท์ ธนนท์ / Nont Tanont

Soundtrack: รักแรกโคตรลืมยาก / My Precious

GMM Records

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พรุ่งนี้ (Tomorrow)

Artist: ฟอร์ด อรัญญ์ / Ford Arun

Soundtrack: พระจันทร์มันไก่ / Moonlight Chicken

GMM Records

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แค่เธอ (Why Don't You Stay)

Lyric / Composer: เจฟ ซาเตอร์ / Jeff Satur

Soundtrack: Kinnporche The Series

Studio: Studio on Saturn

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