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The name Decoding Thai comes from Bo's teaching style using new words or phrases in a puzzle-like manner, challenging students to unlock the meaning and usage through a fun and interactive process. Using a "crack the code" method to make learning experience more enjoyable and memorable for students. Adds an element of mystery and intrigue, encouraging learners to actively participate and think critically about Thai language. By presenting vocabulary as a puzzle to solve, Bo stimulates students' problem-solving skills and helps them connect new words to their meanings in a more meaningful context.

Get to know Kruu Bo (ครูโบ)

ครู (Kruu) means teacher; instructor

My name is Bo, the person behind @decodingthai on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube. 

Bo is a dedicated and well-rounded language learner and instructor with formal training and self-teaching. She has been teaching Thai professionally for over eight years as a freelancer and Thai language instructor with one of the largest language education and leadership training companies in the US.

Bo is familiar with the struggles and overwhelming feelings any language learner has. She is an expert in pronunciation and accent reduction.